Might Makes Right

...and so it begins...


Small Village – Peach Tree
A bit more prosperous because of the peach trees because peach wine. (Hunter Valley of Peach Trees)
For some reason these orchids make an exquisite tasting peach wine.
Lord of the Area – Tyco – Watch tower near the village
Father – Kyle De Moore, claims from nobility (bastard line) – Noble type name
Has one of the major peach orchids in the area – tenant –
Village Elder – 6 of them – Council of Village –

Mother – died in childbirth – of me
Can’t read – dyslexic
Very strict – Lady of the House kind of crap –
Quick to forbid
Older brother – Like our father – Oscar
Alcoholic – hides it from father, I think.
He knows about my activities

Tried to slow him down – have to wait. Clean up the mess – don’t attempt to stop it.
Controlled individual

Small country church to Paladine – Cleric who works there – Father Austin – Big fat dude
Heeby Geebies – Weasel
Priest of Paladine – He has family at Istar – somehow related to Lord Tyco
She somehow knew you were coming
Supposedly Father Austin can heal – never seen it
Teaches me medicine/herbalism/naturalist skills –
Potion to prevent cold of winter
Little flower = nickname
She has worked out that I am dyslexic, taught me how to read spells
Concentration ability check to try and read:
Weather prediction – Peach Trees – need time to protect them
It’s the only reason she is accepted.

Finally discovered I have been spending time with the Witch
Secretly go see her.
Forbidden again
I lose it – and I bite back

She has been branded a witch, keeping a young innocent enthralled.
Plead for her innocents
Crossed the line – turned away from your family
It my fault –

There’s a magistrate
Gives me a look as she’s about to be burned
Look of sadness, doesn’t blame me,
She screams
I pass out
- Unfortunate incident

I’m East – Overall state of Istar

Are there other witches – Meeting with other witches – A raven
Backpack with crap already in it – a letter
Hermin the raven (Is an asshole) – 3 white feathers on one of his wings,
Traveller’s backpack – + a cool item



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