Might Makes Right


1st Session

• Weather – Cold
• North/South Gate – The Lord’s Road
• North is the Lord of the Area
• Witch’s Hut – East
• Family Estate – West
• Herman – Raven –

Take the brand – Light inside the hut and head into the forest to the east, and then turning north to avoid being seen by the watch-tower.
Shape water to avoid footprint -

Manage to sneak past the watch-tower
Herman – Don’t interrupt while eating
Heading more North-East
1hr later – a track –
1) Not well used
2) Used recently
3) Animal track
4) Boots have been on here recently
5) Too small for a wagon
6) Too small in places for a horse
7) Follow the boots which are heading north
8) Animal
9) Hear an animal – boar tusk
10) It’s been stalked
11) Ranger type fellow is stalking a boar
12) He got groaded by the boar
13) Heal him as he’s been badly wounded
14) Set up the duckblind and lay him on it
15) Prepare to spend the night here.
16) Barry the Ranger
17) Chitdell
18) Wants to start a fire –
19) Starts to deal with the boar
20) His family had a farm – bandits came and destroyed it
21) Burbank
22) Lake of Istar
23) Ordancia
24) Palanthas in the west

Set up on the coat and rest
Creature coming:
Cackling – Ice Mephit



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