Witches letter for Claire

Waiting for Claire


My Little Flower,

If you are reading this then events have progressed as I have foreseen and I am not longer of this world.
While I have for years been looking forward to the next phase of my being, my one regret is that I leave you at a time where you believe yourself to be vulnerable.
I say believe yourself to be vulnerable as I have seen what you are yet to discover, a curious, intelligent, talented woman with a strong core of strength.
If I can give you any advice it would be to trust in yourself. You have gifts you have not even discovered yet, develop them and listen to your inner voice. You will find your path.
Along with this letter I have left a travelling kit for you with some books and items I think will be useful.
I have made arrangements for some of my tomes and other item, what I would ask of you is that you don’t take anything else other than the pack. You don’t need it, trust me.
When you are done, take a brand and burn down the hut. It is best this way; neither of us has anymore use for it.
I also ask that you look after Herman. I have spoilt him for so long that I doubt he could fend for himself now.
Leave Peach Trees behind, it is clear you will not find your way here. I know you will worry about leaving your family but you will be of no use to them until you find your way and in this Peach Trees cannot help you.
Keep up your reading exercises, I know with all this you will probably feel overwhelmed at the moment and a bit lost – just remember listen to that inner voice and you will find your path.

May the World Mother watch over you, my love always


Witches letter for Claire

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