Witches Travellers Backpack

Backpack waiting for Claire


Sturdy backpack that contains:

Explorers Pack

Scroll case containing 3 blank scrolls

Ink and quill

Bracelet – silver chain with 5 opals attached

Wand (gems)

Fur lined cape with hood
(Dark Blue) – well made

Dagger – crystal, masterwork

Leather bound book with pentagram in silver on front.

Book on history of the age of dreams (used by you for your reading)

Small diary (new) with only 3 pages written – on local fauna with 3 plant pressings between pages

Pentagram pendant in silver with a leather cord

Medical kit

Small gourd of Baba’s cure all elixir

Pack of dried fruit and meat (for Herman)

5 fresh apples

10 peaches

One bottle of Peach Tree Lane (wine – from your fathers vineyard – above average quality)

One fire brand


Witches Travellers Backpack

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